Case Studies

Case Studies

Parton & Sell has many years of collective experience in employment litigation. We have represented a variety of businesses, including apartment complex owners from unpaid overtime claims, construction companies against unlawful termination, and corporations needing to enforce employee non-compete agreements. Our proven track record of favorable results for our clients speaks for itself.

Employment Litigation Case Studies

Two tenants of our client’s apartment complex provided security services for the complex. After 3 years, they sued, claiming unpaid overtime in excess of $150,000. They claimed that, when they were not at their regular work (as police officers), they were always “on call” at the complex… read more

Construction Law Case Studies

We represented a general contractor and its surety sued by a subcontractor arising out of the construction of the library and technology center at the new UC Merced campus. The subcontractor claimed damages for the contract balance as well as delay, inefficiencies, and unpaid extra work… read more

Business and Property Litigation Case Studies

During the Great Recession, Parton | Sell | Rhoades was retained by a commercial landlord to secure payment from a tenant that had defaulted on its lease. The tenant did not dispute that past and future rent was owed. The legal challenge was working out a payment plan that the tenant could realistically… read more

Catastrophic Personal Injury & Product Liability Litigation Case Studies

The plaintiff, a 62 year old married woman, reached into a descending dumbwaiter and had her upper arm caught by the top of the dumbwaiter car. She was alone in the house and not found until 20 hours later… read more